Výběr z webu 18

Posted: 28. 4. 2015 in co píší jiní, tipy

1 How Marvel is using television to dominate pop culture (Noel Murray) thedissolve.com

1 This Summer’s Action Heroes Are Several Shades of Gray (Manohla Dargis, A. O. Scott) nytimes.com

1 When Hollywood Invades Video Games (Andy Kelly) vice.com

30 Anita/ANITA (Mark Rappaport) fandor.com

30 Bombast: Pop-Pop-Pop-Popular (Nick Pinkerton) filmcomment.com

30 Hulk and Ang Lee’s everyday superheroes (Tim Grierson) thedissolve.com

29 The Epic Saga of Joel Silver: Money Struggles, Feuds and (Another) Second Chance (Kim Masters) hollywoodreporter.com

29 How Hollywood Keeps Out Women (Jessica P. Ogilve) laweekly.com

29 Read my finger (Robert Greene) bfi.org.uk

29 Why Not Everything Is a Reboot (Except Everything Kind of Is) (Jason Bailey) flavorwire.com

28 Attention, Filmmakers: Here’s Why You Should Make Medium-Length Films (Sarah Salovaara) indiewire.com

28 The Eternal Charm of the Screwball Comedy (Calum Marsh) fandor.com

28 „The Only Good Bug Is a Dead Bug“: ‚Starship Troopers‘ and the Politics of Science Fiction (Jeremy Griffin) popmatters.com

27 The compleat screenwriter: David Koepp gives notes (David Bordwell) davidbordwell.net

27 The Ethics of Death-Defying Media (Thomas Britt) popmatters.com

27 Michael Bay: how the people’s pyromaniac redefined action cinema (Daniel Bettridge) theguardian.com

27 The Timeless Pleasure Of Laura Mulvey (Sophie Monks Kaufman) littlewhitelies.co.uk

27 Why Female Directors Almost Never Get Blockbuster Gigs (Jessica Kiang) blogs.indiewire.com


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