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Zemřel otec gore filmu Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Za Francii bude o Oscary bojovat rape-revenge thriller Paula Verhoevena Elle.

Novinka Martina Scorseseho Silence vstoupí do omezené distribuce ještě letos.

BBC zveřejnila názvy prvních dvou epizod 4. řady Sherlocka.

John Wick už má nového psa.

Mindy Kaling a Emma Thompson si spolu zahrají ve filmu.

Abbi Jacobson (Broad City) a Jessi Klein (Inside Amy Schumer) pracují na společném seriálu.

Připravuje se televizní antologie podle Hitchcocka.



„In her new stand-up, when Ms. Schumer says something happened to her, she wants you to believe it. She also doesn’t play dumb. She speaks in a confident, savvy voice that doesn’t sound that different than the one you might read in interviews with her.“

Nové stand-up vystoupení Amy Schumer.

„The show is the darkest of comedies, funny in the way the twist of “Gone Girl” is funny — an examination of how marriage makes fools of all of us, when it doesn’t entirely estrange us from ourselves.“

HBO seriál Rozvod od autorky britského klenotu Catastrophe.

Shyamalan is back, baby, and the best he’s been in decades.“

M. N. Shyamalan se filmem Split zřejmě vrací do první ligy.

„Allen’s first new writing for television in half a century feels more like a drip-fed feature film, in which 90 minutes of ideas are needlessly (and clumsily) spread across six half-hours.“

První seriál Woodyho Allena Crisis in Six Scenes nedopadl moc slavně.

„Nocturnal Animals is trash – artful, glossy trash – and enjoyment will depend on one’s appetite for junk.“

Noční zvířata Toma Forda.

„Quantum Break feels like the first action game taking real lessons from the Netflix binge-watch era, and in that respect, it’s a surprising success.“

Videoherně-seriálový experiment Quantum Break.

„There is no familiarity or gravitas. American Honey is too restless and impatient to establish anything and instead rides high on an obviously fabricated atmosphere.“

Rozporuplně přijímaný film Andrey Arnold American Honey.

„At its playful best, the screenplay by Chris Bowman, Hubbel Palmer and Emily Spivey sends up crime-movie clichés with a light touch, and Hess shows uncharacteristic restraint in letting those moments play out without reaching for punchlines.“

Několikrát odložená komedie Jareda Hesse Zilionáři


Delší texty

„So the movie is about the rape, but it’s also about how people live. I think I look at it in a critical way, or maybe in an amused way. But I don’t ever look at the rape in an amused way. The rape is extremely harsh, direct, and violent. There’s nothing comical about it!“

Paul Verhoeven v rozhovoru o Elle.

„Besides making a horror film, I wanted to make a science-fiction film. I wanted to make melodrama. I wanted to make camp. I wanted to make a comedy. I wanted to do everything that I was fetishizing about at that time when I was making the film and of course seeing it through the eyes of a young girl.“

Nicolas Winding Refn si povídal s Jamesem Francem.

„Cable television caters to certain fairly conservative expectations of visual storytelling; movies produced outside the studio system present a superior arena for creative risk. Their audiences will always be smaller, but that may be enough.“

Polemika s názorem Davida Lynche, podle kterého je kabelovka novou platformou pro artfilmy.

„But in sticking to the source material’s ending (which is admittedly so iconic it would’ve been difficult to change), the movie betrays the more complex version of McMurphy that Nicholson has worked to create, even as it tries to justify the decision.“

Komparace Přeletu nad kukaččím hnízdem s jeho knižní předlohou.

„Despite the hiring of a different cinematographer for almost every film, it achieves unity in a multiplicity of ways, including its setting in and around a single apartment block (…); the recurrence, in minor roles, of figures central to earlier films (…); a frequent use of mirrors to introduce characters; a foregrounding of certain colors, most frequently blue and green (…); a concern with adult-child relationships; a focus on faces and on where they become masks; and, to an incalculable extent, the continual presence of the musical personality of Zbigniew Preisner, who scored all the films. In its abstraction, his music may suggest an essence of the metaphysical.“

Obsáhlá esej o Kieslowského Dekalogu.

„It’s interesting to watch the Bridget Jones franchise withdraw from the game that it helped define fifteen years ago. “Bridget Jones’s Baby” is aimed at women who have grown tired of all that subversion and commentary, particularly as it applies to their romantic narratives. Enough with the attempts to flip the gender script, as in Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck,” and enough with the political story lines, like the abortion plot in Gillian Robespierre’s Obvious Child.“

Čím je nová Bridget Jonesová konzervativnější než první díl.

„Looked at as an issue of workplace discrimination, then, the decision becomes one of best practices. Just like you wouldn’t, and in fact can’t, require a job candidate to reveal how old they are on a resume or application, mandating that age must remain on a subscriber-based professional database seems to run counter to labor laws.“

Proč stojí za pozornost, že IMDb umožnilo odstranění věku hereček a herců.

„Sully is a rousing piece of entertainment, but the film’s resonant and touching glory is that it’s the celebration of a rock-solid ’50s man who has grown taller than the world around him because he relies, in a tight spot, on nothing but himself and therefore — irony of ironies — now looks like an outlier. “Sully” has become the story of a countercultural hero.“

Co Sully vypovídá o době, ve které žijeme?

„Their protagonists are treated far differently in the end: one is celebrated, the other wanted for prosecution or worse. But both films take their central dilemmas and the firestorm around them seriously, acting as pleas for greater consideration for those authoritative bodies.“

A co má Sully společného se Snowdenem Olivera Stonea?

„There’s a whole, that is a whole subgenre within martial arts cinema. The supernatural martial arts movie. Particularly within Asian cinema. And I felt like when it came to fighting in the movie that just made sense to certainly to go in that direction and stay away from gunfire and things like that.“

Režisér Scott Derickson o své komiksové adaptaci Doctor Strange.

„Among the handful of 30-something exceptions, Blunt might have the widest range, from biting comedy (The Devil Wears Prada) to sexpot (Charlie Wilson’s War) to ass-kicker (outshining Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow).“

Emily Blunt, Paula Hawkins a Dívka ve vlaku.

„Americans want heroes who succeed in spite of others, but in Britain, sometimes it’s OK for those heroes to succeed because of others.“

Jak se liší američtí a britští filmoví hrdinové.

„A je zajímavé, že Vláda přilákala Dány k obrazovkám, ale taky je inspirovala, aby diskutovali o problémech, které se jich bezprostředně týkají. Každou neděli se na něj dívalo skoro 1,7 milionu diváků, což je třetina obyvatel Dánska.“

Překladatelka Helena Březinová o dánském seriálu Vláda.

„Under this system, even the earliest films of Charlie Chaplin, produced over a century ago, will be kept out of the public domain until 25 December 2047. Merry Christmas; many of us will be dead by then.“

O (i)legalitě používání cizích filmových záběrů.




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