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Inspirativní video eseje II

Posted: 2. 4. 2018 in videa

(Kromě níže vybrané doporučuji také všechny ostatní video eseje od Matta Zollera Seitze věnované filmům Wese Andersona. Dohromady vydají za analytickou studii o několika desítkách stran.)

12 Angry Men – A Lesson in Staging (Andrew Saladino)

Center Framing: Mad Max, Wes Anderson & Kubrick (ScreenPrism)

Constructive Editing in Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket (David Bordwell)

Howard Hawks & The Art of Screwball Comedy (Taylor Ramos, Tony Zhou)

Inglourious Basterds — The Elements of Suspense (Michael Tucker)

Jacques Tati – Where to Find Visual Comedy (Andrew Saladino)

The Legacy of Paranoid Thrillers (Travis Lee Ratcliff)

The Life of a Woman, Directed by Women (Emma Piper-Burket)

Manic Moretti (Philip Brubaker)

On the Waterfront – Aspect Ratio Visual Essay (Issa Clubb)

One Way To Deconstruct There Will Be Blood — Or Any Movie (Nerdwriter)

PlayTime: Anatomy of a Gag (David Cairn)

See With Your Ears: Spielberg And Sound Design (Nerdwriter)

Under The Skin – The Alien Lens (Julian Palmer)

VoiceOver according to Martin Scorsese (Truthtellers)

The Wes Anderson Collection Chapter 3: The Royal Tenenbaums (Matt Zoller Seitz)

When Harry Met Sally — Breaking Genre Conventions (Michael Tucker)

Why Do Dogs Die In Wes Anderson Movies? (Luís Azevedo)

Why Framing Matters in Movies (Chloé Galibert-Laîné)

WTF IS THAT? The Pre- and Post-Cinematic Tendencies of Paranormal Activity (Allison de Fren, Brian Cantrell)



Inspirativní video eseje I

Posted: 11. 2. 2018 in videa

První díl přehledu inspirativních, obohacujících nebo prostě „jen“ skvěle sestříhaných video esejí o filmech a audiovizi jako takové. Záměrně jsem pominul nejznámější jména jako Tony Zhou, kogonada nebo Kevin B. Lee, od kterých se vyplatí vidět všechno. Dále zájemcům o filmovou teorii, historii a analýzu můžu doporučit videa od Lessons from the Screenplay, Nerdwritera, Catherine GrantFilmscalpelDana Goldinga, Filmmaker IQ, Thomase FlightaFolding Ideas, No Film School, Now You See ItThe Royal Ocean Film SocietyScreenPrismTalkhouse.

Andrea Arnold’s Women in Landscapes (Jessica McGoff)

Born Sexy Yesterday (Pop Culture Detective)

The Dark Knight — Creating the Ultimate Antagonist (Michael Tucker)

Darren Aronofsky’s Extreme Close-Ups (Jacob T. Swinney)

Fembot in a Red Dress (Allison de Fren)

Fosse Time (Matt Zoller Seitz)

Frames and Containers (Charlie Lyne)

Guillermo del Toro: How Objects Tell The Story (Luís Azevedo)

Holy Motors: Man Without a Movie Camera (Kyle Kallgren)

Motifs of Movement and Modernity (Patrick Keating)

Movie Geometry – Shaping the Way You Think (Now You See It)

PlayTime – Controlled Chaos (Andrew Saladino)

The Social Network — Sorkin, Structure, and Collaboration (Michael Tucker)

A Theory of Film Music (Daniel Golding)

When Words Fail (Filmscalpel)

Why Action Movies Are Spectacular… And Boring (Sven Pape, Karen Pearlman)

Why ALIENS Is the Mother of All Action Movies (Leigh Singer)

Why Horror VHS Artwork Was So F*cked Up (Entertain The Elk)

Your Netflix is Special (Thomas Flight)

a nesmím zapomenout na: A History of Flatulence on Film (Luís Azevedo)