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Quentin Tarantino zopakoval svůj úmysl skončit s režií po deseti filmech.

Připravovaný film o Miladě Horákové už má představitelku hlavní role.

Matt Dillon bude hrát sériového vraha v novém filmu Larse von Triera.

Chystá se reboot akčního sci-fi/protiválečné satiry Paula Verhoevena Hvězdná pěchota.

Adam Driver a Rooney Mara si zahrají v novém filmu Leose Caraxe.

Rami Malek ztvární v životopisném filmu Bohemian Rhapsody Freddieho Mercuryho.



„Moonlight is at once singular and universal: Chiron’s struggle as a gay man in an environment that treats such yearnings with scorn and violence becomes one of the more high-stakes dramas of the year, utterly specific to its lower-class Miami setting. But at its core, Moonlight takes the concept of the bildungsroman to its natural end point in ways that many coming-of-age stories don’t.“

Moonlight – americkými kritiky zatím nejlépe hodnocený film tohoto roku.

„The climax is the best sustained sequence to ever appear in a Marvel film, a fight played out against an apocalypse in reverse that literally undoes the glib chaos that tends to end these movies.“

Na Slant nečekaně nadšená recenze Doctora Strange.

„Here it’s high time to marvel at the candidness allowed by the use of high-definition by Lee and cinematographer John Toll: observing these actors’ faces, even at rest, is like watching the surface of a lake, noticing it ripple with a breeze. Put another way: you see, physiologically, when a character has been crying in this film, for a few seconds after.“

Nový film Anga Leeho Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, natočený rychlostí 120 snímků za vteřinu.


Delší čtení

Nová extrémní francouzská kinematografie 12 let poté, co dostala své označení.

David Bordwell o zapomenutém noiru The Chase (1946). Podnětné čtení i v případě, že jste film neviděli.

Jak vznikal nadšeně přijatý retro muzikál La La Land, který půjde do českých kin v lednu příštího roku. (Viz nový trailer níže.)

Lidé od filmu a televize odpovídají na anketní otázku „Který seriál z dob, kdy se ještě nemluvilo o quality TV, považujete za zásadní?“

Rozhovor s chilským filmařem Pablem Larraínem o jeho nových filmech Jackie a Neruda.

„I never feel like my femininity is threatened by being powerful, or anything someone might say is a male attribute. So I find it so odd when men feel their masculinity is being threatened, I’m like, ‘Really? It shouldn’t be that delicate“

Amy Adams o své kariéře i osobním životě.

„Today, women continue to be a major part of, and often the majority in, horror movie audiences. In 2013, the hit The Conjuring had an audience composed of 53% women; The Purge had an audience of 56% women. Mama was 61% women. Even the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake showed to an audience that was less than half men.“

O ženách a hororech.

„While The Innocents is Clayton’s masterpiece, or at least his most perfect film, The Pumpkin Eater is his riskiest and perhaps his most characteristic work.“

O filmech britského režiséra Jacka Claytona.

„Westworld is about how we watch and decode shows like Westworld and the holes we fall down seeking the enlightenment we aren’t meant to know.“

V čem se Westworld podobá Ztraceným.

„As is true for real-life cases and crime-solving methods, a murderer’s psychology and motives cannot be sussed in a matter of one day. The completion of a complex puzzle requires patience and, unfortunately, many have lost the quiet endurance necessary to filter through the many pieces.“

The Fall a umění pomalého vyprávění.

„The common knock against rom-coms—besides their being too often glibly hetero-normative and horrendously lacking in diversity and ironically ambivalent about the women who generally watch them—is that they are fantasies, in the worst way as well as the best.“

Jak romantické komedie vytvářejí zkreslující představu o tom, co obnáší láska.



20th Century Women

La La Land


Trainspotting 2

Wonder Woman

xXx: Return of Xander Cage



Martin Scorsese by začátkem příštího roku měl začít natáčet další mafiánský film.

George Miller představil ochutnávku z černobílé verze posledního Šíleného Maxe.

Jennifer Lawrence si zahraje manželku F. Scotta Fitzgeralda.


„Still, there’s probably no level of craft that would save a film in which a teenager’s first words after watching Jack Reacher slowly, methodically beat someone else to death are, “Dude, you jumped off a building!”

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, právě v českých kinech.

„With The Lost City of Z, Gray announces himself as one of world cinema’s most gifted classicists, a distinction evident from the film’s very first moments, in which he subtly disrupts our expectations during scenes that will resonate with anyone who is even remotely familiar with Masterpiece Theatre.“

Napjatě očekávaný nový film Jamese Graye The Lost City of Z.

„Finally, for the first time since “The Avengers,” the action scenes are special. Derrickson doesn’t create any sequences that are fluid and symphonic as that film’s Manhattan fight, but he compensates for that lack of grace with a surplus of wonder, contradicting time with space in order to create unique battles that outshine their familiar stakes (and actually take advantage of 3D!).“

Nová marvelovka Doctor Strange.

Delší texty

„Whether we are consciously aware of it, we spend our married lives under the shadow of divorce. We might all be a little better at working out how to live as married people if we knew the rules.“

O rozvodech ve světle seriálu Rozvod.

„Having grown up in a post-Tlatelolco-massacre Mexico himself, in a Guadalajaran culture steeped in native arts and crafts, poverty, civil discontent, violent oppression, and American pop, del Toro knows from the yin and yang of violence and innocence.“

Esej o Faunovu labyrintu.

„Louieho apolitický náhled na svět, zjevný i z jeho stand-upů, vždy směřuje k pointě, která praví, že všichni jsou hrozní. A když jsou všichni hrozní, nikdo nemůže být nejhorší. Lidé na baru U Horáce a Petea jsou prokletí, ať udělají cokoliv. Stejnou měrou zaslouží soucit i pohrdání.“

Autorský projekt Louise C. K. Horace and Pete.

„Gore isn’t the appeal of the genre – survival is. Being so close to death can be a life-affirming experience.“

Osobně pojatý esej o tom, proč se vlastně díváme na horory.

„Within the span of three films, Cap has gone from wanting just the chance to lay down his life if necessary for his country, to fighting like hell for the freedom to make a different call if necessary. Cap is still down for the sacrifice play if need be, he just isn’t down anymore for The Man to make that call for him. Hydra’s most enduring legacy in the MCU may have been to successfully shatter Cap’s blind allegiance to authority.“

Je američtějším hrdinou Captain America, nebo Superman?

„Distinct from his 90s villains, Travolta has found a way to thread his modern-day baddies with pathos, something he’s learned from his George Malleys and Michaels. His late-period work is riddled with misses, yet he manages to still draw interest.“

Kariéra Johna Travolty od 90. let po současnost. 

„These days, the overall number of classic films that are available on either physical media or to stream is smaller than it used to be. And as streaming services shift their business models, that’s even more true.“

Co je dnes považováno za klasiku a proč se snižuje zájem filmových nadšenců o staré filmy?

„Will Britain’s parlous state prompt filmmakers to talk more about immigration, inequality, racism, poverty, or are we going to keep looking inward?“

Jak britské filmy (mimo tvorbu Kena Loache) zobrazují pracující třídu.

„The freshest takes these days find new ways to subvert, escape or toy with the familiar cliches. Westworld is so aware that it is about an artificial landscape its customers know so well that guests choose between white or black hats before venturing into the playground of the wild west.“

Westernů se jen tak nezbavíme.

„It’s no easy trick to sustain an impression of casual normality while guarding one’s privacy so closely. I suspect the easy classlessness of being Irish helps, and he agrees at once.“

Dlouhý profil Michaela Fassbendera.

„Procedurals don’t have to be lazy or hacky, as shows such as The Rockford Files, Hill Street Blues, Moonlighting, NYPD Blue, ER, and The Good Wife demonstrate, but the energy is elsewhere. Creative people with ambitions besides making a fortune from CBS are not making procedurals; platforms besides the networks aren’t really buying them.“

Proč seriálové procedurály vyšly z módy?

„Is Westworld the blinkered macho fantasy, or is that “Westworld”? It’s a meta-cliffhanger with its own allure, leaving us only one way to find out: stay tuned for next week’s episode.“

Je, nebo není Westworld sexistický seriál?


Assassin’s Creed

A Cure for Wellness

Guardians of the Galaxy 2



První informace o druhé řadě Top of the Lake.

Remake Suspirie natočí s Chloö Grace Moretz italský režisér Luca Guadagnino.

Měl by vzniknout televizní remake Věčného svitu neposkrvněné mysli.

Abdellatif Kechiche již zřejmě začal natáčet svůj nový film.



„The pilot of Insecure is underwhelming, as pilots often are, but the second episode is more relaxed and confident. By the time it gets to the third and fourth episodes, it’s on rails, conveying its more meaningful insights through lyrical bits of filmmaking (…)“

Seriál Nesvá, od pondělí také na českém HBO.

„Not an entirely clean kill, then, but at least the zany narrative – a quick stopover in Iceland appears to take Bob and Terry as much by surprise as it does the audience – throws us off the scent just long enough to keep us invested in the pair’s wacky shenanigans.“

Nový film Johna Michaela McDonagha War on Everyone.

„For the most part, though, this is a blistering state of the nation address from a film-maker who’s shown herself to be what so many of her more cushioned peers are not: responsive.“

Dokument Avy DuVernay 13th.

„However there’s more texture than might be expected from characters based on plastic dolls, especially when the narrative moves to the world of the misshapen, slightly scary Bergens, who look more like stop-motion animation models than digital creations.“

Animák Trollové, brzy také v českých kinech.

„20th Century Women is more of an anthropological film than a narrative one, more interested in sculpting a pocket of time into a memory palace than forcing its characters towards unearned realizations.“

20th Century Women, nový film od režiséra sympatických Beginners.

„It’s not the worst of the trilogy, but this is less for fans of thrillers and more for people who are pining after last year’s holiday to Florence.“

Inferno s Tomem Hanksem podle Dana Browna.


Delší texty

Výběr volně dostupných studií věnovaných Chantal Akermanové.

„If the Old West, particularly as a fictional source of entertainment, is a patriarchal construct, it makes sense for the women to be the ones to start to topple it.“

Ambivalentní nakládání s ženskými postavami v seriálu Westworld. O podobném tématu si můžete počíst také zde.

„One thing I want to note, off what you said above: for whatever reason, my drive to watch newer movies has weirdly diminished as I watch Zootopia for the 80th time; its skill and crisp screenplay is worth appreciating even now, and very little about this summer’s big movies compelled me in the way that this faux-48 Hrs. does. I’m still trying to allot time for myself to catch up with movies like The Witch and The Nice Guys, but being stuck with Zootopia isn’t the worst possible fate.“

Dva tatíci se celkem poučně baví o filmech, které sleduji se svými potomky.

„Takže jsme natáčeli za dost konspirativních okolností, nemohli jsme samozřejmě točit na ulici, hrozilo, ze by nás okamžitě zavřeli, proto jsme sháněli konspirační byt nějakého Evropana, ale všichni naši známí se báli, nebo neměli čas. Nakonec jsme natáčeli v hotelovém pokoji, kde jsme se sešli poté, co jsme z konspirační schůzky cestovali každý jinou trasou, a trnuli, protože i tam mohla každou chvíli vtrhnout policie.“

Filip Remunda o svém novém dokumentu a natáčení v Číně.

„The chat industry favors art that supplies its own definitions and is produced with an eye to the media footprint it will make, and its ability to send out ripples across The Conversation—which is to say, art that is made under conditions averse to the pursuit of the absorbed, monomaniacal, Termitic terms described by Manny Farber.“

Filmová publicistika v době sociálních sítí.

„Me and most of my female filmmaking friends are taking the exhausting option of bypassing the system. We have continued to write scripts and direct films that fit within the limits of our budgets and resources. We are clever and scrappy, not unlike the action heroes of the projects we want direct access to, and we demand change.“

Proč by ženy měly mít příležitost točit víc velkých akčních filmů.

„But they made it just in time, and the well-reviewed Westworld ended up becoming the highest-grossing film of the year for MGM. However, Crichton was deeply dissatisfied with the final product, pulling back from film and science-fiction for several years.“

Historie Westworldu a jeho pokračování.

„But in most American comedies, the absurd and the surreal are just nice places to visit. In British comedy, the characters live there on a full-time basis.“

Díky čemu jsou britcomy vtipnější než americké sitkomy.

„Whenever Westerns spring back into relevance, they resort to the same habits of misrepresentation. The result is that racial ignorance has been stratified, brick by brick, into the foundations of the genre on the groundless basis of “historical accuracy.”“

Kterak westerny „vybělily“ divoký západ a co s tím dělají nové příspěvky do žánru.





John Wick: Chapter 2

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The Young Pope