Výběr z webu 19

Posted: 7. 5. 2015 in tipy

10 Deep Focus: Southern Gothic (Nick Pinkerton) bfi.org.uk

10 The Misunderstood Genius of Amy Schumer (Andrew Wallenstein) variety.com

10 Sex on the beach: a brief history of Cannes and erotic cinema (Peter Bradshaw) theguardian.com

8 35 years after Friday The 13th, slasher movies may have a future again (Matt Barone) thedissolve.com

8 The Craziest Stories About The Making Of Mad Max And The Road Warrior (Abhimanyu Das) io9.com

8 Feminus Ex Machina (Marysia Jonsson, Aro Velmet) lareviewofbooks.com

7 Arnold Schwarzenegger On The Roles That Made Him Famous, Funny, And, Finally, A Serious Actor (Alison Wilmore) buzzfeed.com

7 ‘Forbidden Films’ Exhumes Nazi Poison From the Movie Vaults (J. Hoberman) nytimes.com

7 How film restorers brought The Apu Trilogy back to life (Ryan Vlastelica) avclub.com

6 ‘Hot Pursuit’ and Other Films Elevate the Art of the Blooper Reel (Robert Iro) nytimes.com

6 The Marvel-Industrial Complex (James Rocchi) moviemezzanine.com

6 Orson Welles GOES AROUND THE WORLD (Sean Alexander) fandor.com

6 Through a Glass, Darkly: ‘The Lady From Shanghai’ and the Legend of Orson Welles (Brian Phillips) grantland.com

6 Why Orson Welles Matters More Today Than Ever (Eric Kohn) indiewire.com

5 Forum: Little Shop of Horrors (Nathan Rabin, Tasha Robinson) thedissolve.com

4 Out Loud: Women in Science Fiction (audio) (Amelia Lester, David Haglund) newyorker.com


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